5 Reasons Why I Love Golf
Golf is an amazing sport. Those who have played at least a bit will agree with me too. I am here today to explain to you what it is about golf that appeals to me so much. So, that you can see the beauty of it too and hopefully develop an appreciation. In this article, […]

Golf is an amazing sport. Those who have played at least a bit will agree with me too. I am here today to explain to you what it is about golf that appeals to me so much. So, that you can see the beauty of it too and hopefully develop an appreciation. In this article, I will describe 5 reasons why I love golf.

I love golf because it provides an escape, takes place in some amazingly beautiful settings, gives me some exercise, an opportunity for mental and physical improvement, and allows me to socialize with my friends and fellow hobbyists. These 5 reasons are exactly what makes me appreciate golf so much.

But this is just the gist of it. I urge that you read the article thoroughly so you understand the greatness of this sport and what made me fall in love with it. And I hope that by the end of this article you will discover things to appreciate about golf yourself.

Here are my 5 reasons

If I had to, I could name many more reasons why I love to golf so much but that would just be stretching it. In the end, these are the very five reasons that make me want to go out and golf another day.

Golf Can Provide an Escape from The Problems of Everyday Life

Golf is not some quick half an hour or one-hour sport. It takes a few hours at the very least. And because of how golf is structured you almost always need to get ready and head for almost the whole day. This makes it somewhat of a commitment to get into. But, this very thing is what makes it a perfect escape.

You need to set aside a few hours on a certain day to golf. And because you immerse yourself in golfing for a certain number of hours you can escape from your everyday life. A day of proper golfing can provide the perfect escape and refreshment to a stressful life.

In today’s world, we are always under a lot of stress and pressure, and a lot of the entertainment and pastime related things we have are very short. Most people try to find instant gratification. But they fail to understand that the pleasure they receive from those things are short lasting as well. People, for the most part, hesitate to commit to something for a few hours.

But if you do put in a few hours into something you find out that the time you took to relax and partake in your hobbies helps you stay focused on your work a lot more. Golf is like that. In golf, you focus on something entirely different for a few hours and that refreshes you.

Having an activity where you set aside an amount of time to focus on something completely different is a blessing. Golf for me is that blessing. In the golf course, away from both my work and home environment, I can have the opportunity to remove my focus from my daily stress and relax.

In a golf course, the sense of completion is what makes this escape perfect. At the end of the day, not only have I been relaxed because of spending a few hours away from my daily life, but I can also walk away with a bit of fulfillment having just completed a course.

Golf Takes Place in Some Beautiful Settings

Golf courses are not just some small patch of land with a few holes for the balls. Golf courses are vast, from anywhere around a few acres to a few square kilometers, golf courses are almost always a vast otherworldly landscape which you could just gawk at.

Golf courses have vast landscapes, sometimes gardens or even woodlands, water bodies like ponds and lakes. Sometimes these courses are next to the ocean, on hilly areas, or even whole islands. Golf course designers make use of the uniqueness of the landscape and create magnificent works of art centered on this sport.

Speaking from personal experience, the course I usually golf at in Florida has fantastic warm weather, fascinating wildlife, and beautiful palm trees. On just the first three holes you can find parrots, pelicans, cranes, ibis, and many other species. And it only gets more exotic from there.

You don’t need to do too much digging even. One Google search online will show you how beautiful golf courses can be. Golf course designers are absolute geniuses when it comes to designing these vastly beautiful landscapes revolving around this one sport. Golfing along the holes is probably the best way to experience this whole thing.

Even the most barebones of golf courses will have a vast grassy landscape. Golfing along the course in the fresh air is sure to refresh the minds of anyone even if they are not playing.

Most golfers have a hobby of trying out different golf courses wherever they go. Every golf course is different not only in how you play them but also in how they look. Some are in the mountain or even desert areas. It can be truly invigorating exploring exotic flora and fauna while playing.

If you ever decide to pick up golfing one of the best experiences you will ever have is exploring various golf courses. It’s always an amazing activity visiting and playing in a new golf course with amazing scenery. And if what I have said already hasn’t made it clear, almost all of them have amazing scenery.

The variety in both scenery and wildlife makes every single golf course a unique place to visit. You can’t be satisfied with just having visited and played on one course. Beautiful courses are what initially drew me towards golfing much like many other players out there.

Golf Can Provide Great Exercise

As I have mentioned before, golf courses are enormous. Although players use carts to travel from hole to hole, there is still a lot of walking. You can not exactly stop the cart right next to where the ball lands or where the hole is. You need to walk around.

When I play golf, I regularly get over ten thousand steps done playing a round of 18 holes. And that is while using carts. Your step count will vary depending on the size of the course and the number of holes. But it is a given that you will get a lot of walking done while golfing.

You can even choose to use the carts as little as possible to maximize the amount of exercise you get if you are conscious about that. You can get a lot of walking done while playing golf. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Golfing is sure to give you at least the minimum daily required exercise even in the most laid-back game.

Not only walking from hole to hole, but the playing part of it is also a good exercise if you would believe me. Between all the holes and all the shots, you will be doing a lot of swings. And swinging a golf club is not something light, players need to swing and hit very hard. This is sure to work up a sweat.

Swinging the golf club will not only work the muscles in your arms but your shoulder and entire upper body also. These swings also help you improve your posture. Between walking around and swinging the golf club you get both upper body and lower body exercise and a copious amount of it too.

Golf can seem like a lazy laid-back game where you do not do much physical activity. But as a golfer myself, I can assure you that that is not the case at all. Golf is laid back but lazy it is not. It can be very physically active and work up a decent amount of sweat.

The relaxing nature of golf can help you ease into the more physically active parts of it. Golf can be an amazing way to get some exercise while enjoying a relaxing game. Both your upper body and lower body muscles will get a good workout. When getting into golf you won’t have to worry about your lack of physical activity anymore.

Golf Can Provide An Avenue for Improvement

It can be argued that any sport allows you to test yourself and improve yourself. Sportsmanship as a concept revolves around self-improvement and stirring for the apex of one’s performance. As an advocate of golf, I will tell you that golf achieves a lot more than other sports when it comes to self-improvement.

A lot of other sports while requiring tactics and mental strength, still have their focus on mostly the physical improvement part. Golf allows you to improve overall. Not just physically, but mentally as well. As golf is a much slower game it tests your patience too.

Most popular sports are very speedy and focus on quick movements that require a lot of physical prowess. While on the other hand golf is a much slower game that requires you to be patient and plan. Don’t get me wrong, golfers are no slackers when it comes to physical fitness. It’s just that golfers have to have a lot of mental capacity to play efficiently.

In a golf course of 18 holes, you would usually need anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to complete the whole thing. That time requires you to slow down while not being lazy. Golfers need to plan their swings and act patiently so that they can land their ball in their desired spots. And you can’t lack in the physical side either as you need your shots to be strong.

A game of golf requires a player to be patient and plan. The long course makes experienced players plan every single stroke and take into account the environment also. As golf takes place in large landscapes the environment and weather conditions are also something to take account of.

While in other sports playing fields are almost all the same, golf courses are all unique. Some might have water while others might have excessive slopes. The weather conditions of the day also play a vital role. Golfers have to take into account the behavior of the landscape and the speed of the wind.

The multitude of different factors that a player has to take into account make a player hyper-aware of their surroundings. These things make golf seem like a complex sport to outsiders but this complexity is what makes golf so beautiful. This complexity drives players to improve themselves on every criterion.

As I have talked about previously, golf does focus a lot on the physical side too. You can improve your physique by a significant margin if you play golf regularly. From arm strength to posture. Golf is not lacking in the physical aspect of sports at all.

The physical aspect paired with the planning and patience part of the game makes it the best sport for anyone looking for a good challenge. If you want a sport that will help you improve yourself overall golf is the way to go.

Golf Is A Social Game

Having a better understanding of other people is, to me at least, one of the things at the heart of sportsmanship. A game is just as fun as the people you play it with. Sometimes you form bonds with people just because you happen to play something together. And that is what makes any sport beautiful.

Golf excels tremendously at the social side of sports. You can play golf all alone by yourself if you want to but it is always fun to play with others. Usually, 1 to 4 players play in one group against each other on a certain course. And the fact that golf courses are usually 4 to 6 hours means you get to bond a lot with the players too.

A game of golf allows you to spend time with other players while not having to focus constantly on what is happening in the game like other sports. The patient and laid back nature of golf allow you to interact more with the other players. You can talk and discuss things during a match easily.

It’s even a cliche shown in movies that people end up talking about important things while playing golf. While real-life conversations might not be as interesting, it does happen in a game of golf, people talk, interact, socialize, and bond while playing this beautiful sport.

You can stay silent if you want during the whole game and not say anything or interact at all with others. But that will only leave you with a bunch of times where you do virtually nothing but stare at the ground. Interacting with the other players makes it all a much more pleasurable experience.

Golf is a social game to its core. From the early days of golf, people have been bonding over while swinging their clubs to put the ball in the next hole. Even if you are not amazing at the sport the social side of golf is there to make sure that you have a fun time.

Golf Is A Form of Therapy

Everyone has different tastes and you might not agree with what I am about to say here, but I honestly do believe it. I believe that golf can be a form of therapy. Golf with its many amazing features can be very therapeutic to a lot of people.

The patient nature of the game, the serene atmosphere, the great social aspect, all of the reasons I have mentioned above make golf an amazing therapeutic experience. It removes any stress and does not introduce any high maintenance scenario like other sports. Golf is a sport where you roll back and unwind.

Long stretches of land, amazing landscapes, removing yourself from the outside world for a few hours, all of it creates the perfect escape that can give a player much needed relaxation. In our modern life, we live very fast-paced lives that can conjure stress and anxiety to many. Golf can be the perfect antithesis to that.

In a game of golf, you take things slow. You unwind and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the course while enjoying the game with your fellow players. The environment, the nature of the game, the escape, all of it can act as a form of therapy in our modern fast-paced hyperactive lives.


I discussed the 5 reasons I love to golf so much. I love it because it is a great escape that takes place in some beautiful places, allows me to exercise and improve myself, and is an amazing social experience. I hope me showing my love for the sport has at least made you interested in picking up golf.

A huge thanks for reading it all the way through. I hope you liked this article on the 5 reasons why I love golf. I can only pray that your curiosity for this awesome sport increases and you start golfing to explore its wonders for yourself. I wish you all the best in your golfing adventures, and until next time, farewell.

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