Golf Improvement in Paradise
Golf - A game for all ages

With a number of sports, your window to play the sport and enjoy it closes as you get older.  The beauty of golf of that it allows you to continue to play for years and years.  And with the right approach to your game, it can improve with age.

How to Play Your Best Golf

Golf allows you to test yourself; physically, mentally, emotionally.  Golf provides a great avenue for improvement.  This site explores the areas of focus that allow golfers to play their best golf.  

The Salty Birdie Golfing Lifestyle

We are blessed to live in Paradise and get to enjoy golfing year round in Florida.  While other parts of the country are dealing with winter, we are getting ready to tee it up again and again.

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Your Host - Robert Earl
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Growing up, there probably wasn't a sport that I didn't play.  Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track & Field.  I even worked on a NASCAR Racecar in my high school years.

My first exposure to golf came through a few hand me down golf clubs from my Grandfather.  I remember hitting a few plastic golf balls around the backyard, but never rally getting a chance to play at a real golf course until much later in life.

After my time in the Air Force, and after starting a family, golf became my sports participation outlet.  I took up the game in earnest and played in my limited spare time for a period of years until the demands of work and family took up the time needed to devote to golf.

The clubs ended up in the back of the closet for years.

I moved to Florida in 2015.  With all of the great weather and courses in the area, I thought for sure that I would golf more often.  I did participate in a few work related golf outing, but only found myself on the course a couple of times a year.  And each time, the rust truly showed.  

Fast forward to 2020.  In March of 2020 I experienced a Vestibular Stroke.  This event brought on a sudden onset of vertigo and dizziness.  Recover has meant a regimen of therapy sessions and a reevaluation of my lifestyle and wellness.  I knew that I needed to be more active and golf provides a great opportunity to get out into nature on some beautiful courses and setting. 

Golf can be frustrating for anyone, even if you are not dealing with any ailments or recovery.  But it can also be very satisfying.  I hope you have had the opportunity to feel what it is like to perfectly strike a club or a drive of a putt.  They say that it is this one shot that keeps us coming back for more.  And when we are not able to repeat this on a consisted basis, we find ourselves cussing like a pirates parrot.  A Salty Birdie!

After All, Golf is a four letter word.

I am a teacher at heart.  I always have been in my career, no matter the industry.  A teacher and a storyteller.  

Salty Birdie Golf is my venue to share my experience and journey with you.  My challenges, my discoveries and hopefully a few of my breakthroughs.  

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